Bentley Drivers Club is delighted to be partnering with NW Risk Solutions as the club's insurance provider. 

NW Risk Solutions Managing Director, Peter Stevenson, had this to say: "I am delighted that NW Risk Solutions has been appointed as insurance advisers to The Bentley Drivers Club Ltd. My firm is a joint venture partner with James Hallam one of the uk’s leading independent brokers and part of three global networks.
"We adopt much more than a traditional 9 to 5 approach. All Bentley Driver Club members will be afforded a dedicated point of contact to permanently, and carefully, look after their interests and be on hand to help and advise.
"BDC members will have particular needs and we focus on matching non-standard risks with innovative and comprehensive covers.
"As an independent Lloyds adviser, we offer clients both the widest access to the market and the flexibility to design smart insurance programmes for them."

To find out more, visit the NW Risk Solutions website: 


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