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Club members come together to enjoy hundreds of Club events from local pub and lunch meets to tours, large National Race meetings and Concours events. Have a look at the images and videos on this page to get a flavour of what our members do. As well as national and regional events, many members arrange trips of just a few cars for friends they have made through the club.

If you are thinking of buying a Bentley (why wouldn't you?), or already have one and are not a member, this site will show you more about the benefits of joining the BDC. The benefits page gives you twelve reasons for joining. Bentleys range in price from good running cars for a few thousand pounds to genuine Le Mans cars for a few million. But whichever we have, we all enjoy driving them. The events page shows what events we have coming up throughout the world. Members get access to detailed descriptions of the events and can book online. And the symbols below the main menu on the left give you access to our Facebook page, Twitter feed and YouTube channel.

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In the videos below, click on the broken rectangle or "two arrow" icon bottom right once the video is playing to make the video play full screen.

Our latest videos show the Bentley Parade at our 2016 race meeting at Silverstone taken by Roy Cousins and the road version of Bentley's current race car, the GT3-R.

Here are three great videos - one of the No.2 Birkin Blower, one about the Bentley Boys and one of Bentleys and Mercedes racing in the 1920s.

Video courtesy of Goodwood Festival of Speed. Video courtesy of Owls Head Transportation Museum.
Video courtesy of Bentley Yard.

Broadcaster and collector Jay Leno has several Bentleys. He says: "W. O. Bentley got to see his cars become a legend and he got to see the club, the Bentley Drivers Club, one of the great clubs of all time. The Bentley Drivers Club. These guys get to drive the cars all over the world... they drive them, they blow them up, they have spares, they make new engine blocks, they make new everything for them so it's a terrific, terrific group".

Videos courtesy of Jay Leno's Garage.

Both Bentley and the Bentley Drivers Club have long and fascinating histories. These videos show just a little of this. The BDC archives contain a lot more history, including records for most of the Bentleys ever made.

Videos courtesy of Stanley Mann.

In the BDC, we organise tours that include all models of Bentleys. Favourite places to visit include New Zealand, USA, South Africa and Europe, as well as visits to events such as the Monaco Historique and Le Mans Classic.

Bentleys are still actively raced, emulating the achievements of the Bentley Boys of the 1920. They are also entered into hill climbs, trials and sprints.

Video courtesy of Stanley Mann. Video by Roy Cousins.
Video by Roy Cousins. Video by "XTR2Turbo".

The range of Bentleys available from the 1920s to the present day makes them appeal to a wide variety of motoring enthusiasts. Perhaps that is why they appear on BBC's Top Gear so often.

Videos courtesy of the BBC.