Benefits: Insurance

Enjoy the best rates in the market from our long-term established insurance provider

Dedicated rates and service from our insurance Partner for whatever Bentley you drive

The Club Insurance Scheme is a pioneer of its type and open only to members of the Club. The long-term success of the Club Scheme is a direct result of the exceptional support it has received from the membership over the years. 


The Club has chosen to work with two insurance companies, Lockton and RH Specialist Insurance, each of which provides a range of products which many members may find suitable to their needs. However, please note that insurance is based on many different factors so members may like to see how these compare to their existing or to other providers. 


Lockton and RH Specialist Insurance offer our members comprehensive insurance packages tailored to the specific needs and wants of the ‘Bentley driver’ – whether he or she owns a vintage, classic or modern car.

Please note, however, that whichever insurance company you choose, the Bentley Drivers Club accepts no responsibility in respect of your policy.