Benefits: Insurance

Enjoy the best rates in the market from our long-term established insurance provider

Dedicated rates and service from our insurance Partner for whatever Bentley you drive

The Club Insurance Scheme is a pioneer of its type and open only to members of the Club. The long-term success of the Club Scheme is a direct result of the exceptional support it has received from the membership over the years. RH is our exclusive insurance provider and has remained the market leader for over 35 years. Together we offer our members a comprehensive insurance package tailored to the specific needs and wants of the ‘Bentley driver’, whether you own a vintage, classic or modern car. 

Once members have joined RH Insurance they rarely have a reason or need to look elsewhere. The quality of service and peace of mind that only comes with RH's huge experience allows you to forget all about the drudgery of annual service and price comparisons. 

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