Valuations and MoTs

The BDC offers comprehensive insurance valuations for Vintage, Derby and Crewe cars plus MoT assistance. We value your cars as much as you do…


Valuations are only necessary where a member requires an agreed value insurance cover. These are easy to obtain. Any Member requiring a valuation for insurance should first contact the Bentley Drivers Club Office in Wroxton stating whether a Vintage, Derby or Crewe valuation is required. The cost of the valuation is £40.00 (inclusive of VAT) for each car to be valued and payment can be made by Bank Transfer, Credit Card or Cheque made out to 'Bentley Drivers Club'.  Once payment has been made, the valuation forms will be sent to the Member and once completed they then need to be sent on to the relevant Valuation Officer along with a stamped addressed envelope.

These agreed values supplied by the Club will be undisputed by the Club’s insurers, RH Specialist Insurance. If you have supplied a valuation certificate to the insurers, your policy document will indicate this on the schedule.

The Club cannot be involved in valuations for companies and partnerships. Insurance valuations can only be given for cars owned by individuals who are BDC members. 

Market valuations and valuations for Probate are not supplied by the Bentley Drivers Club.


The BDC can also suggest a list of 'historic-friendly testing stations' for those Members owning pre-1960 Bentleys.

To find the nearest one to you, please click here to see the list provided by the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs.

The FBHVC website also contains plenty of useful information about the Department for Transport's updated MoT procedures and exemptions.

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