stuart morley named Racing Driver of the Year

Congratulations to Stuart Morley (pictured above) who has been named BDC Racing Driver of the Year for 2023.

Stuart, who also claimed the prize in 2017, was awarded the coveted Frank Clement Memorial trophy at the Club’s second annual Competitions Dinner held in the Mountbatten Room of the celebrated Royal Automobile Club in London’s Pall Mall on Wednesday.

Aside from his success and undoubted speed on the track, Stuart has played a key role in developing and racing Bentley Motors’ much publicised Blower Continuation Series car which enjoyed its race debut this year.

New racer Anna Getley (pictured), who only started competing this season along with sister Louisa, was a popular recipient of the Sealink trophy for Best Lady Driver. Louisa (who wasn't present on the night) scooped the Harry Rose Trophy for Best Young Driver.

And seasoned competitor Guy Northam (pictured above) was honoured with the DM Eastick Memorial trophy for the Most Deserving Competitor.

The awards, which aside from the Merit accolades also included those from BDC Silverstone in August, were presented by Ben Linde, Special Projects Leader for Bentley Mulliner and Bentley Motorsport, who served as Project Leader for the Blower CS. Ben also took part in a special Q&A session (pictured below) chaired by Club President Duncan Wiltshire, MC for the evening.

Given Stuart’s major award and Ben’s guest attendance, it was appropriate that the aforementioned Blower should take pride of place on display in the famous RAC Rotunda (pictured).

Pictorial report, including full list of 2023 competitions award winners, will be in February’s Review.


Frank Clement Memorial (Racing Driver of the Year): Stuart Morley 
Harry Rose (Best Young Driver): Anna Getley
Sealink (Best Lady Driver): Anna Getley
DM Eastick Memorial (Most Deserving Competitor): Guy Northam
Stan Terry Memorial (Most Deserving Marshal/Official): Richard & Judy Spinks

BDC Scratch race

Times Challenge (1st overall): Ben Eastick
Jack Barclay Memorial (1st Vintage Bentley): Oliver Llewellyn 
Rivers-Fletcher Challenge (1st Vintage 3 Litre Bentley): Duncan Wiltshire 
Mountfort (1st Vintage 4½ Litre Bentley): Hugh Apthorp
Gregory Challenge (1st Derby Bentley): Christopher Rayment
Gerald Crozier Memorial (1st Crewe V8/W12 Bentley): Ben Eastick
Bob Bradley (1st Crewe 6-cylinder Bentley): Paul Andrew

BDC Handicap race
Mike Bradley (1st Bentley): David Ratcliffe
Tim Birkin (1st Vintage Bentley): David Ratcliffe
Derby Crewe Challenge (1st Derby/Crewe Bentley): Paul Carter
Pace (best improvement over handicap): Ben Eastick

BDC Scratch & Handicap races combined
Gordon Alexander Memorial (1st Vintage Bentley): Hugh Apthorp
Derby Bentley (1st Derby Bentley): Christopher Rayment
Corniche (1st Crewe Bentley): Vernon Moore

BDC Open race
Mike Haig (1st Bentley): Ben Eastick

Lagonda (fastest Bentley lap): Ben Eastick

Lowest combined aggregate of placings
WO Bentley Challenge (Vintage Bentley): Jock Mackinnon
Rolls-Royce Challenge (Crewe Bentley): Ben Eastick

Sickelmore (1st overall Bentley): Ben Eastick
Keston Pelmore Memorial (1st Vintage Bentley): Jock Mackinnon
Jack Barclay Sprint (1st Crewe Bentley): Ben Eastick

Weatheritt (1st Vintage Bentley): Clive Morley
Christopher Tomkinson Memorial (1st Crewe Bentley): Paul Forty

Bo’ness Hill Climb 

Teal (1st Bentley): Russell Jordan
Esso (1st Pre-War Bentley): Russell Jordan

Brighton Speed Trial
Antwerp Motor Union (1st Bentley): Peter Brown

NB: Not all winners were in attendance to collect their awards

Images: Courtesy of Stuart Morgan

For more awards images, please see the February 2024 issue of Review.

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