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April 2021

It was unfortunate, but inevitable, that we had to cancel our MIRA Sprint meeting again this year; however, we were lucky in that Robert Williams was able to secure a slot for us at another Sprint Meeting at Curborough on the same date, 8 May.

This will enable the Bentley results from this meeting to count towards the respective annual Club awards and trophies, although the entry list for this meeting has now closed.

We were also hoping for a very big turnout of Club cars at the important Brooklands Centenary event commemorating the inaugural Bentley success at the track; unfortunately, this major Club event has also succumbed to the Covid-19 regulations and been cancelled.

Very recently, Club Members were out competing at the VSCC Spring Start race meeting at Silverstone. Those racing included Tim & Oliver Llewellyn, and the Morley family, including, Clive, James & Stuart, along with Sebastian Welch, Vivian Bush, Richard Hudson, Steve Allen and, making a most welcome return back to racing after a long illness, Guy Northam. It was good to see Guy out in his trusty 4½ Litre, and although no pots were won a great day’s racing was had by one and all.
Guy Northam

At this time our thoughts must go out to the family of Gerard McCosh, a longstanding and very popular BDC Member and Scottish racer who tragically lost a lengthy battle recently to cancer.

Gerard McCosh

As usual there will be Bentley classes at the Harewood Hillclimb over the weekend of 5-6 June. Members can race on both days so making a potentially long trip worthwhile.

Also in July, on 17-18, we have the Club’s nominated hill climb for the year, which will be held at Shelsley Walsh. This historic track is the oldest hill climb venue in the world and a must-do for the serious Bentley driver.

A bit later in the month, the Silverstone Classic will feature a pre-war race and Bentleys are sure to feature at the front.

And, the following week on Saturday 7 August, we have our own meeting, the annual BDC Silverstone race day. Do make sure that you put this date in your diary as it will be the Club’s biggest event of the year. As such, Bentley Motors will be supporting us like never before, with a truly mouthwatering selection of cars from its own Heritage Collection.

This year is an important one in the history of Bentley for, in May 1921, Frank Clement, competing at Brooklands and driving the works 3-litre EXP2, won the marque’s first ever race, and thus started the long and diverse history of Bentleys in competition which still continues today.
The Times Trophy race at BDC Silverstone will feature a staggered start

Also, this year is the 50th anniversary of The Times Challenge Trophy and we are changing the format by having a staggered start, thus allowing the older cars a chance of winning against the more modern machinery. We will, of course, also have our traditional unique Bentley Handicap race starting in the pit lane.

The day is not only reflected in dedicated races for Bentleys; also marking the occasion is a race within a race for pre-cars, the types likely seen at VSCC races including Frazer Nash, Aston Martin, Alfa Romeo, Lagonda, etc, who will be up against their Bentleys counterparts – it should be a truly wonderful spectate to watch.

Other races on the bill include a double-header championship round for our longstanding friends at the Morgan Sports Car Club; an event for FISCAR (50s sports cars) featuring some exotic cars from that era; two races for the MGB V8s, showing off their muscle; and an Invitation BDC Sports Car race featuring a wide array of cars and incorporating The Techniques Trophy for Morgan four-cylinder cars; and much more.
The Bentley track parade will return to BDC Silverstone

During the lunchbreak we hope to be able to run our Bentley Parade, which gives our Members the opportunity of driving their own cars in a controlled manner around the circuit for a few laps.

The Regulations for the meeting will be issued soon.

We are also looking at what else we can offer everyone at this time. We hope to be able to put on our usual Friday night hog roast with music along with light refreshments, etc, on race day. So, this year, the whole programme looks as if we are going to be very busy! It will be a day out for all the family so please don’t miss it.

On to late summer… September down on the south coast and we have the brilliant and unique Brighton Speed Trials. This is a truly amazing event which has a great Bentley history and again we need to see more of our cars competing.

The Aston Martin Owners Club has invited us back to its Sprint meeting which will be held on the popular ‘Figure of Eight’ course at Curborough on Sunday 19 September. Over the course of the season our pre-war cars will be competing in a host of different races, including those organised by Motor Racing Legends, the VSCC, etc.

Please keep a watch here, on the Motorsport section of the Club website, for more information on other events this year.

It’s great to get back to racing!

Michael Haig, Competitions Captain

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