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Tuesday 20th July, 2021

By Stuart Newman

Easy-to-use function available on Club website

Several Members have asked whether or not the Club will produce an updated version of the Members and their Bentleys directory, which was last printed in 2015.

However, as was highlighted by both the Club President, Duncan Wiltshire, and the Club Chairman, Richard Parkinson, at the recent Club AGM, the Board feels that due to a variety of factors, including current GDPR regulations concerning the use of an individual Member’s personal information (essentially, a Member has to give permission to share their details), it would be “untenable” to print a revised version of Members and their Bentleys at present. However, there is a solution for those Members searching for details, including contact and/or car information, of their fellow Members… the Club website.

Members can access the constantly updated Club directory via the website and search for information in the following way:
•    Log on to website
•    Click on the Membership tab in the main menu
•    Click on the Membership directory sub-menu
•    You can then search for a member by one of three ways:
      - Surname
      - Registration / chassis number
      - Town / county / postcode

Please note: Some Members’ details will not appear in the online directory because they have not given permission to share some/all of their personal information with other Members.

How to give permission to share your details 
This is a very straightforward process that can be achieved via your personal profile on the Club website.

Here’s how to do it:
•    Log on to website
•    Your Profile will be automatically visible
•    Scroll down to Contact Preferences
•    You will see a Member directory search sub-section
•    Tick whichever kind of information you’d like to be made visible in the online Club directory
•    Click Save

Should you require any further assistance, please contact the Club Office on 01295 738886 or email


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