Annual General Meeting 2021

Wednesday 10th March, 2021

By Stuart Newman

New date and location announced

Saturday 17 July at Clubhouse, Wroxton

Our earlier announcement that the date of this year’s Annual General Meeting would be 24 April was published before the UK Government’s announcement that it is hopeful of lifting Covid-19 restrictions on 21 June. Any meeting before June would, therefore, necessarily be a ‘virtual’ event using Zoom.

The Board recognises that such a meeting can never achieve the interaction and social atmosphere of a ‘live’ affair so it has decided, in the light of the possible relaxation of Government restrictions, to reschedule this year’s AGM to Saturday 17 July (2pm) at the Clubhouse in Wroxton, in the hope that it can follow the usual format of previous years. 

Full details will be announced at a later date.

Statutory Notice of the meeting, together with the Club’s Annual Report and audited Accounts, will be sent to all Members on 1 May.

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