WOBMF offers 1888 bonus

Friday 26th November, 2021

By Stuart Newman

Foundation supporters and Club joiners to receive FREE copy of new journal

The inaugural edition of the Bentley Memorial Foundation’s new 1888 magazine has, we are pleased to report, been encouragingly well received by Members.

Now anyone who voluntarily supports the WOBMF with a donation of at least £15 when they renew their membership or join the Club will be rewarded with a FREE copy of the following issue, which we hope will provide some enjoyable reading.

The new publication is designed to complement the WOBMF’s regular Foundation Corner section in the Review, and includes wide-ranging articles of every era and aspect of the Bentley story.

For more information, please contact Ian Scott, WOBMF Administrator, on 01295 738886 or email ian.scott@wobmf.org


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