BDC Silverstone 2024

Wednesday 26th June, 2024

By Stuart Newman

John Duff Trophy & Frank Clement Cup race post-race dinner cancelled

The Competitions Committee regrets to inform competitors who have entered for the special 40-minute John Duff Trophy & Frank Clement Cup race to celebrate Bentley’s first victory at Le Mans in 1924 that the proposed post-race black tie dinner in the BRDC Suite (pictured) has been CANCELLED due to circumstances beyond our control.

The race entry fee is thereby reduced to £450. Those competitors who have already entered the race will receive a £300 refund on their total £750 entry fee (race + dinner).

The Competitions Committee apologises for any inconvenience the cancellation of the dinner may cause.

Entries are still open for competitors to enter The John Duff Trophy & Frank Clement Cup race. 
Please note: a hood is not mandatory – there is no hoods up racing. However, those with hoods fitted are eligible for the paddock champagne prize for the driver who achieves the fastest erection.

A revised entry form is now available on the club website.

The meeting timetable will allow time for competitors to compete in both the John Duff Trophy & Frank Clement Cup 40-minute race and the Times Trophy Challenge 15-minute race.

Entry submission
To submit an entry for the meeting, please do so via the BDC website by clicking here

Anyone with any questions should contact one of the following John Duff Trophy & Frank Clement Cup race organisers:

Sebastian Welch: 07802 666733,
James Morley: 07732 777894,
Vivian Bush: 07831 520053,

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