COVID-19: Latest… from the Club Office

Wednesday 20th May, 2020

By Stuart Newman

Greetings from us all at Wroxton (although clearly we are not at Wroxton at present) and our very best wishes to you all. We do hope that you are all keeping safe and finding things to keep you busy during lockdown.

It is utterly frustrating that we cannot take our cars out on the road (especially as the price of petrol has gone down so much!). However, our number-one priority must be to be responsible and leave the roads to the key workers who need them. There is, of course, a silver lining to this and that’s extra time for your Bentleys to receive even more TLC than usual. 
The biggest ‘known unknown’ is, of course, when all of this will end and when normality might return. We are chomping at the bit to get out there and put on some great events, but it is incredibly difficult to plan and prepare when we don’t actually know if people would be allowed to attend – or perhaps, more to the point, whether they would be ready to gather in crowds again so soon.
As we go to press, our BDC Silverstone race day is still on; however, we are aware that Motorsport UK may well extend its cancellation of all racing permits beyond the current date of 30 June. We will naturally keep you informed.  
In the meantime we continue to collect content for your publications, social media, the Club website and Full Throttle, and we have enjoyed seeing evidence of your virtual meetings and your interaction on Facebook with the quizzes and games that we are posting – have you tried the Sedgwick Game yet?
Thank you to everyone who sent in a ballot paper for the AGM – please see the Minutes on page 47. Thank you also to the number of you who completed the Member Survey. As you read this we are gathering and analysing the results, which will hopefully identify ways for us to improve the Club, our events and your membership experience.
We do know that every Member looks forward to the arrival of their magazines, and so the Editor and our publishers (Hine) are making every effort to maintain the quality and content of your publications. Due to the number of actual events having been curtailed due to the Coronavirus outbreak, there is undoubtedly less to promote and advertise in the Advertiser & Diary, and so the Club’s intention is to have combined issues over the summer. This May issue will therefore be titled May/June and the August edition will be titled July/August.

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