E-membership unveiled

Friday 20th November, 2020

By Stuart Newman

Club to launch new e-membership offering on 1 December

The Club is pleased to announce that, with effect from 1 December 2020, e-membership will be available to all existing and new Members.

E-membership will carry the same rights and entitlements as those offered to Full Members with the exception that E-Members will not receive a printed copy of any of the Club’s publications; instead, they can access these via the Club’s website.

It must be stressed that the introduction of e-membership will in no way affect those Members who are, and wish to continue as, Full Members – instead, it creates an alternative category of membership for anyone who would prefer this. It should also appeal to new and younger Members along with those current overseas Members who suffer from the delayed receipt of our publications due to poor postal services.

In view of the savings which can be made in printing and postage costs, e-membership can be offered at the following rates:

UK – £89 per annum
Overseas – £82 per annum

Further, the existing 'static' PDF version of the Review and Advertiser & Diary on the website will be upgraded in the coming weeks with an interactive digital version which, just as now, will be available on desktop, tablet and mobile. This enhancement will include page-turn software and other features which will benefit all Members.

Anyone who would like to sign up for e-membership, or would like to find out more, should contact Helen Deeley, Membership Secretary, on 01295 738886 or email memberships@bdcl.org

The annual membership reminders are now being sent out to those Club Members whose renewals are due at the end of the year. 

Most reminders are being sent by email, so if you haven't yet received yours please check your junk/spam folders. 

Our online renewal system is a fast and efficient way to renew.

Any further queries, please contact Helen Deeley as above.

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