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The sporting heritage of the Bentley Motor Car continues to influence the competitions of today. Whether you are a spectator or competitor – the fun starts here!

Engineered for speed, the Bentley Motor Car comes alive in the heat of the race

BDC Competitions:

For over seventy years the Club has held its traditional annual race meeting at Silverstone, the only one-make Club to be honored to do so. 

Understandably, the Silverstone meeting is the highlight in the Club's annual calendar and is always well attended by both the dedicated and the occasional competitor. The event is one of the very cornerstones of the Club and as well as the competitive elements, it has become a major social gathering for a great number of Club members, and their family and friends.

And if speed is your thing but a full race meeting is beyond your limits then the Bentley Sprint meeting at the Motor Industry Research Association (MIRA) is for you. The essence of this event is to encourage Bentley owners to test both man and machine to their personal limits and is an ideal way to exercise the competitive spirit.

Any Member considering competing with their car please contact the Competitions Captain, Ben Eastick, for more details (email:

Check out the latest competition news on our Facebook page, or download the competitions newsletter a competitions newsletter can be seen here.

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