Benefits: Spares Schemes

The Bentley Drivers Club offers Spares Schemes that will cover all your needs, whatever era of Bentley Motor Car you drive

The Bentley Drivers Club operates Spares Schemes, which cover three distinct eras of Bentley production. Run by members for members. 

An important aspect of many car Clubs and motoring organisations is the support and advice provided to members in running and repairing their cars. The Bentley Drivers Club is no exception and a high percentage of our members belong to the schemes. New members are encouraged to join one or more of the schemes depending on the type(s) of Bentley they may own.

Our spares schemes are operated through a wholly owned subsidiary named the "Bentley Drivers Spares Schemes Ltd." and cover all eras of
Bentley production.

The Vintage Spares Scheme: 
This scheme covers Bentleys made in the period 1919 to 1930.

The Derby Spares Scheme:
This scheme relates to the period 1933 to 1940, cars made in Derby.

The Crewe Spares Scheme:
This scheme covers models produced from 1946 up to the present day, cars made in Crewe.

The purchase of any spares through any of the Club’s schemes is strictly subject to the Terms and Conditions of the relevant scheme, members should
refer to these before making any purchases.