Celebrate the 3 Litre from the 1922 Indy 500

Monday 13th December, 2021

By Stuart Newman

Commemorate centenary of Bentley's ONLY outing in the legendary race

In May 1922, WD Hawkes put his 3 Litre on a steamship to the US. He drove the car to Indianapolis and participated in the Indy 500-mile race. This was the first Bentley ever entered in the event.  

Hawkes was up against a field comprised almost entirely of thoroughbred racing cars. Despite the odds, Hawkes finished in 13th place. He completed the full 500 miles in six hours and 40 minutes, 1½ hours after the winner, averaging 74.95mph.

Spencer Silverbach and Sneed Adams are organising a commemorative meeting of Bentley enthusiasts to celebrate the 100th anniversary of this historic event – Bentley’s ONLY outing in the Indy 500.  

The party will tour the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum on Saturday 4 June from 1-4pm and view the 3 Litre. Afterwards, there will be an evening banquet celebration at a nearby hotel. 

If this is an event in which you would like to participate, please email Sneed at stadams64@comcast.net


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