Rare Bentley Boy painting to hang at Clubhouse

Tuesday 8th June, 2021

By Stuart Newman

Historic Clive Dunfee portrait acquired by Foundation

The WOBMF has just bought for its collection the only known original portrait of Clive Dunfee, a Bentley Team driver in the 1929 Le Mans 24 Hours and who later died in a racing accident at Brooklands in 1932 at the wheel of the celebrated ‘Old Number One’ ex-Team car. 
The oil painting, by Alfred Lyndon Grace, remained with Jack Dunfee, Clive’s elder brother and another Bentley Boy, until his death in 1975, since when it has remained in private hands.  
Once restoration is complete the Foundation intends to exhibit the picture for Members at upcoming Club events, after which it will join the celebrated portraits of former BDC Patrons WO and Stanley Sedgwick in the Bentley Room at the Clubhouse.

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