AGM 2021 - vote online

Friday 7th May, 2021

By Stuart Newman

Cast your vote on the Club website

In addition to mailing copies of the Annual Report & Accounts and Ballot Papers/Proxy Forms to all Members receiving Club publications, we have also introduced the facility for Members to vote online (here on the Club website) and to download a copy of the Annual Report & Accounts as a PDF.

The procedure for voting online is as follows: 

Click on LOGIN (RHS at the top)

Enter:          Your username
                   Your password
And click:    LOGIN

This takes you to the Members section of the website.

Click on MEMBERSHIP (LHS of the options bar).

Follow the link to AGM 2021 ONLINE BALLOT PAPER.
You will then see the AGM ONLINE BALLOT FORM 2021.

Please place your vote by clicking either FOR, AGAINST or ABSTAIN on each option/line of the form.

Once all items have a vote against them click – SUBMIT FORM.

ONCE YOU HAVE VOTED THIS OPTION WILL NO LONGER BE AVAILABLE TO YOU and, of course, there will be no need to use your postal ballot.

Below the form is a PDF copy of the Annual Report & Accounts – to view click on the PDF symbol.

If you have problems logging in to the Members section, please contact a staff member at Club Office.

Dennis Boatwright
Company Secretary


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