Paul Forty flies at Curborough

Monday 10th May, 2021

By Stuart Newman

BDC brigade battles rain at BMMC Sprint meeting

Paul Forty was – by the narrowest of margins – the quickest BDC driver at the British Motorsport Marshals Club Sprint meeting at Curborough at the weekend.

Paul (pictured) clocked a best time over his two runs of 86.10 seconds in his nimble Mk VI Special – just 0.23 secs quicker than Ben Eastick, who recorded a fastest time of 86.33 secs in his T Type Special. 

However, Ben – competing in his first sprint for 19 years – enjoyed the consolation of being the quickest of the pair down the straight despite fighting constant wheelspin, his slippery 6.2-litre single-seater hitting 81mph – 10mph quicker than Paul, who was classified 65th overall, one place ahead of Ben.

Four Club Members, all competing in a dedicated BDC class, took part, with a spirited Adam Stacy-Marks’ 1926 3/4½ Litre registering a best time of 91.82 secs; Adam finished ahead of John Scanlon (102.68 secs), who did a sterling job keeping his big Arnage T within the limits of the tight and narrow rain-hit track. 

Quickest car on the day around the 1,447-metre (0.9 miles) Two-Lap course was a Caterham Hayabusa. Aside from a plethora of Caterhams, the 74-strong field consisting of mainly modern-day models from Westfield, Radical, MG, Citroen, Peugeot, Renault, Ford, Austin, Rover, Toyota, Mazda and Lotus. The Bentleys of Paul, Ben and Adam were among the oldest in the field.

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