Talks Day at the Clubhouse - SOLD OUT

Thursday 10th February, 2022

By Stuart Newman

WOBMF event features three fascinating presentations and car displays in April

Talks Day at the Clubhouse is now SOLD OUT.
PLUS: Peking to Paris S1 on display.

Date: Saturday 2 April 2022 
Location: BDC Clubhouse, Wroxton

The Club and the Foundation proudly present:

  • Three gripping speakers
  • Peking to Paris S1 on display
  • A superb day out
Excellent value for money, with morning coffee, buffet lunch and afternoon tea all included.

Sir John Egan - Saving Jaguar: In 1980 Jaguar was on the brink of catastrophe – an outpost of British Leyland that was nearly bankrupt, wracked by strikes and had disastrous quality. Our headline speaker, the legendary Sir John Egan, will tell us the riveting story of how, against all odds, he and his managers overcame every challenge and achieved the impossible – rebuilding this great company by winning over the workforce, the dealers and the customers with a combination of innovative techniques, intelligence, eloquence, openness… and motor racing. 

Doug McWilliams - Driving the Silk Road: Only a madman would take on the notoriously tough, 10,000-mile Peking-Paris Motor Challenge in a Bentley S1! Meet Club Member Doug McWilliams, who in 2019 did exactly that with brother, Mike. Extreme weather, extreme terrain and extreme breakdowns Рthe McWilliams overcame them all to roll triumphantly over the finishing line in the Place Vend̫me. But this is more than a saga of deserts, disasters, mountains and mud. Doug is also a distinguished economist and gives us jaw-dropping insight into shifting geopolitical axes and the insidious growth of Chinese influence over the countries on the route.
And we’re delighted to announce that Doug will be displaying the actual car in which he and Mike memorably drove the Silk Road.  

Peter Grimsdale - Racing in the Dark: Bestselling motoring author and Foundation Life Associate Peter Grimsdale transports us to the classic Bentley era of the 1920s in a talk filled with drama, tragedy, determination and glory. Peter retells the story of the original Bentley company for a new century, whisking us from racetracks to boardrooms and focusing on the remarkable people who made the Bentley legend, from the high society whirl of Woolf Barnato and his fellow drivers to the humble East End world of the engineers and mechanics who made five Le Mans wins possible.

So... three great speakers, a fantastic, value-for-money day out – and now the Wroxton Motor Show. Our inaugural Talks Day will be one of highlights of 2022.

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