Michael and Derby star in rock music video

Thursday 26th January, 2023

By Stuart Newman

Enjoy a rare music video appearance by a Bentley 

Classic Bentleys appearing in a period dramas and films on TV are fairly commonplace these days. But you’d have a hard job tracking down one in a music video.

The only one we can think of is the rare 1985 Continental convertible owned by Sir Elton John and which featured in his big hit of that year, Nikita.

That was until now. Club Member and Bentley Memorial Foundation trustee Michael Barton recently enjoyed the privilege of starring alongside his splendid 1935 Derby 3½ Gurney Nutting swept panel coupĂ© in the captivating video for Take Faith by award-winning trip-hop rock band indifferentMonKeY.

Michael is cast as a chauffeur as the band ride in the back of his Derby performing the song. And he does a fine job retaining an impressively impassive cool demeanour as musical mayhem erupts all around him.

Michael explained how he and his Derby came to appear in the moody 5½-minute black & white video which is shot in the Forest of Bowland in Lancashire.

“I was approached via the local man (Chris McPheat) who maintains my cars,” he said. “He is an enthusiastic music follower and knows the manager of the band. They were looking for a mid-1920s to mid-1930s ‘Peaky Blinders’ kind of car and thought mine would be suitable.”

So how did Michael find his brush with rock stardom? “As you can imagine the whole thing was a hoot!”

indifferentMonKeY was voted Best Band 2022 at the Radio WigWam/Jammer Music Awards.

To watch the video click on this link.

  • If anyone knows of any music videos which feature a Bentley, aside from the two mentioned above, please let us know.

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