The power of Bentley

Wednesday 24th May, 2023

By Stuart Newman

Club receives five further engines from Crewe for display

Newly arrived at the BDC Clubhouse, and already on temporary display in the museum, is a mouth-watering group of five exhibition-standard engines which Bentley Motors has generously made available on long-term loan. 

Among the highlights are barely known and rarely seen prototypes such as the almost mythical twin-cam straight six G60 from the 1960s (capable of up to 300bhp!) and the compact, high-output five-litre V8 developed in the 1980s as a possible replacement for Crewe’s long-serving V8 (first introduced in 1958). 

The group also includes an unlaunched 7.25-litre version of the standard V8, a fuel-injected Turbo R motor from 1985 and a mighty Arnage-spec V8 from the turn of the millennium.

All dovetail neatly with our existing display of Bentley power units in the Clubhouse foyer - which, we’re proud to say, together form the most comprehensive display of Bentley engines outside Crewe, covering every era from a Vintage 3 Litre to a modern W12. Which is exactly as it should be!

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