Celebrating VE Day 75 in lockdown

Friday 8th May, 2020

By Stuart Newman

Members in the UK will, of course, be aware that the 75th anniversary of VE Day is being marked across the country with a three-day commemoration programme. 

And while the planned community parties have had to be shelved due to the coronavirus outbreak, there are still plenty of ways in which you can celebrate Victory in Europe Day 75, when the guns fell silent on 8 May (which has been designated a bank holiday).
You can, for instance, adorn your prized Bentley in traditional red, white and blue with a Union flag. Or take part in the VE Day Great British Bunting initiative and make your own decorations!
You can also get into the spirit of the occasion by donning 1940s dress and serving up period food (but don’t forget the Spam!).

Aside from this, a host of activities has been arranged on a national basis which you are encouraged to participate in and enjoy from your own living room, garden or front porch (see programme below).

Tuesday 8 May 1945 was the day which marked the end of the war and Victory in Europe. It was not until 15 August, however, that World War II officially ended with the surrender of Japan. This was truly a conflict which engulfed every part of the world and tragically resulted in the deaths of more than 75 million people, or three per cent of the population of the world. 

As we sit here 75 years later, during a pandemic which is similarly touching people worldwide, we are regularly showing our appreciation for the great work being done by various groups of people to keep us safe. This Friday, on 8 May, could we also encourage you to take a moment to show your appreciation and thanks for the sacrifice made by so many from previous generations? ‘To those who gave so much, we thank you’.

So whatever you decide to do to celebrate VE Day 75, don’t forget to post a picture on the Club’s Facebook page and share it with your fellow Bentley enthusiasts.

And if your Vintage Bentley has an interesting war-time story to tell, or was even registered in 1945, we’d love to hear about that, too.

We hope you enjoy the day.
National Programme of Events – Friday 8 May

11.00am: Moment of Reflection and Remembrance – Two Minute Silence (called by the Royal British Legion)

2.55pm: The Last Post (if you’re a bugler, trumpeter or cornet player why not take part?)

3.00pm: Playing of The Battle’s O’er and VE 75 Years (by the Pipers)

3.00pm: Nation’s Toast to the Heroes of World War II (raise a glass to the following toast: ‘To those who gave so much, we thank you’. Dame Joan Collins will offer the toast on behalf of women)

6.55pm: A Cry For Peace Around The World (recited by Town Criers)

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