Step up to the Forum!

Thursday 8th October, 2020

By Stuart Newman

Connect with fellow Members via popular Club benefit on BDC website

The BDC Forum is available on the Club’s website to all Members. It is easily accessed by clicking on the Forum heading and no additional password is required. It is open to Members only. Its purpose is to allow a free exchange of ideas and views on any particular issue for those who wish to use it. Members can discuss subjects which are important to them and gain the views of other Members.

The Forum is available to all Members to encourage open and candid discussions and debate in a civil and polite manner. Members should treat each other with respect and consideration and remember that we are ‘a club of chums’. We do not have a Forum moderator and, indeed, one should not be needed, but posts and threads are regularly monitored by Club Office and any that break these standards, and are in anyway abusive, will be removed.

Some Members have observed that not many fellow Members use the Forum but it is not mandatory. It is a benefit provided by the Club but it is an individual’s choice as to whether or not they wish to use the Forum. 

It has also been observed that technical advice on the Forum is limited. Please remember that whilst individual Members may offer their own experiences on the Forum, specific technical advice is available through the Club’s Vintage, Derby and Crewe Spares Schemes, full details of which can be found in the Advertiser & Diary.

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